The Green Planet in Dubai welcomes two new anacondas to indoor forest

The snakes are each about four metres in length and hail from South America

One of the new residents settling in. Photo: The Green Planet
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One of the most recognisable snakes in the world is now calling The Green Planet home.

Adding to its growing list of creatures housed at its biodome in Dubai, two anacondas — whose names and genders have yet to be revealed — have made their way to the family-friendly attraction.

The snakes each measure about four metres in length and hail from South America.

Visitors can book tickets to observe the reptiles up close in the recently renovated nocturnal walkthrough area of the attraction's indoor rainforest.

There are also other nocturnal animals to spot such as a prehensile-tailed porcupine, armadillos, tamandua anteaters, a family of slow lorises, Burmese pythons and forest scorpions.

In June, The Green Planet relaunched its overnight camping experience to the public. Visitors are able to sleep among the more than 3,000 animals and plants that call the biodome home.

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Meet the creatures inside The Green Planet

The family-friendly facility is home to a wide range of creatures, including Fluffy the bearcat, a male binturong that's The Green Planet's biggest furry resident, as well as cotton-top tamarin monkey twins that were born at the dome.

In 2019, the team took in an abandoned slow loris that was rescued from Dubai's streets. Lonely Loris, as he is called, was found abandoned in a box and is thought to have been illegally trafficked. The doe-eyed primate is a Sunda slow loris from Java, Indonesia. There are nine species of slow loris, which originate from Asia, and they are at significant risk of extinction in the wild, sharing the same critical status as African elephants, gorillas and orangutans.

A few months later, Amal, a second slow loris, was brought to the facility for breeding purposes.

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Updated: August 08, 2022, 12:54 PM