Burj Khalifa and Adnoc headquarters light up with Lebanese flag for Independence Day

The anniversary marks the end of the French mandate over Lebanon in 1943

The 828-metre Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the 342-metre Adnoc headquarters building in Abu Dhabi both lit up with the Lebanese flag to mark the country's Independence Day on Friday. Supplied/Wam
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Two of the UAE's most notable buildings honoured Lebanon by lighting up with the country's flag on Friday night.

Lebanon's 76th Independence Day on November 22 comes after anti-government protests have gripped the country for more than a month, since October 16.

It is often quoted that around 150,000 Lebanese nationals live in the UAE, and on Friday night the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, was cloaked in an illuminated Lebanese flag, while the Adnoc Headquarters building in Abu Dhabi was also emblazoned with a cedar tree. The country's national emblem, the cedar tree sits in the middle of the national flag, symbolising longevity and peace.

MBC's Huda Yassine tweeted an image of the two buildings, writing, "thank you UAE".

The country's Independence Day marks the end of the the French mandate over Lebanon in 1943 (the mandate rule lasted for 23 years). Today, protesters in Lebanon are demanding a government of experts be formed, one that is separate to the traditional sectarian-based power sharing agreement. 

An abandoned cinema in Beirut, affectionately called The Egg, also lit up with Lebanese colours yesterday: