'Be a voice of peace': Anwar Hadid visits Palestine

The 20-year-old model is currently in his father's homeland

Anwar Hadid posted this picture to Instagram, captioning it 'Abu Shabab'. Instagram 
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Anwar Hadid grew up in Los Angeles, but his father, Mohamed, was born in Nazareth and moved to the USA as a refugee. The successful property developer has always been clear about the fact that he wants his children to identify as Palestinian.

His youngest son, Anwar, paid a visit to his father's homeland this week, spending time with Palestinians. He captioned the above photo 'abu shabab', jokingly referring to the young lad in the photo as the 'leader of the pack'.

He also posted this photo of himself looking out toward Ramallah:

Mohamed Hadid commented on one of Anwar's posts from Palestine, writing: "Be the voice of reason and a voice of peace and harmony and equality ... as your grandfather Anwar always said ... cry for the pain of any family ... and don’t ask what religion they are first. Regardless. Pain is pain."

Anwar, 20, also posted a photo of Nelson Mandela Square in Ramallah, which features a large statue of former South African leader Mandela with his fist proudly in the air.

The statue was gifted to the people of Ramallah from the people of Johannesburg "as a symbol of solidarity and support between the two cities".

Anwar's cousin, Lina Hadid, shared this photo of Anwar at The Palestinian Museum, which is in the town of Birzeit, north of Ramallah.

The paintings behind Anwar are by Sliman Mansour (left) and Nabil Anani (right). Mansour is one of Palestine's most renowned artists, and this work, Yaffa, is steeped in idealisations of an idyllic, rural Palestine, with men and women gathering oranges from bountiful trees, typical of Palestinian paintings in the 1970s. In the foreground is a strong, statuesque woman representing the motherland, dressed in traditional embroidery.

Mohamed Hadid lived in Damascus, Beirut and Tunis before moving to the US aged 14 with his family, and while he only lived in Palestine for the first few months of his life, earlier this year he said it will always be his heritage.

"My parents always embedded in us that we are Palestinians, we'll always be Palestinians, so my home has always been that virtual home, where my mum, my dad, my kids were learning to roll grape leaves with their grandma," Hadid told a crowd at Harvard earlier this year, while Anwar sat in the audience in support.

This isn't the first time Anwar has visited Palestine this year, in May he posted this powerful music video shot on Super 8mm in Palestine:

On this trip, Anwar also met with the founders of Right to Movement while in Palestine. The group is a running and sports platform that highlights the need for the basic human right of freedom of movement. It is the founder of the Palestine Marathon.

The organisation posted the below Instagram, saying that Anwar "supports Right to Movement and believes that young people are the change makers of Palestine".