Kat Von D make-up artist hosts Dubai masterclass

Kat von D’s popular lip products on display. Courtesy of Hafsa Lodi
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Erik Soto, global make-up artist for Kat Von D, hosted an intimate make-up masterclass yesterday to teach resident beauty bloggers and make-up artists how to use the brand's Lock-it concealer crème.

An arrangement of plush, black velvet armchairs, an assortment of black and red candles, and a duo of red and lilac life-size lipsticks set a gothic parlour vibe to the industrial Al Quoz warehouse, where the masterclass was held. Around 25 guests sat behind personal vanity mirrors, and watched as Soto demonstrated how to use the latest Kat Von D products on a model.

With a slicked-back purple mohawk and all-black ensemble, Soto, who travelled to Dubai last year for the Kat Von D launch at Sephora, was casual and engaging as he worked with the make-up. He started with the Lock-it Featherweight primer, advising guests to use one pump of the formula for medium coverage, and two pumps for sheer coverage. He explained that it should be applied over sunscreen. Next, he applied the Lock-it Tattoo foundation, starting in the centre of the face, with quick, short strokes. He explained that rather than using circular motions, this is a more efficient way to spread the formula on the face. He also mentioned that it's important to put some foundation on your ears, as otherwise, they tend to look more red than the face.

Finally, he took out the Lock-it concealer crème, which took the brand three years to develop. Using its precision-tip applicator, which also features a flat side, he dabbed a few dots of the formula under the model’s eyes, mixing it with some highlighter. After applying some eyeshadow and blue winged eyeliner, plus a cheek and lip stain, his workshop was complete.

Kat Von D products are available at Sephora stores in the UAE.