US and France accuse Houthis of holding Yemen’s future ‘hostage’

US is struggling to have Iran-backed rebels join Saudi-proposed ceasefire

epa09163531 Pro-Houthi forces take part in a funeral service of a senior Houthi leader, a day after he died of complications of COVID-19 coronavirus, in Sana’a, Yemen, 27 April 2021. A senior Houthi leader Yahya Al-Shami, who is assistant supreme commander of the Houthi forces, has died of complications of COVID-19 coronavirus, a month after the death of his wife and son with the same pandemic. The Houthis have been covering up a breakout of coronavirus, coinciding with a surge in cases and deaths in southern regions controlled by Yemen’s internationally recognized government. The second wave figures of coronavirus infections in Yemen’s northern regions under Houthis control remain unclear amid a news blackout on the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic’s toll due to limited testing capabilities in a county that has been devastated by six years of war.  EPA/YAHYA ARHAB