Saudi Arabia to fund Cuba's first mosque, ambassador says

Saudi Arabia was the first Arab nation to establish diplomatic ties with Cuba, in 1956

Cuba's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Vladimir Gonzalez, speaks to Saudi TV about the funding of the first mosque in his country. Photo: Cuba’s Representative Office Abroad
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Cuba's ambassador to Saudi Arabia has said the kingdom would fund the country's first mosque to serve Muslims living there.

“Because of this donation from the Saudi side, today we can say that we're building in Havana the first mosque in our country,” Vladimir Gonzalez said in an interview broadcast by Saudi state TV.

“We have a small Muslim community in our country; they are very organised. I'm honoured to facilitate their life as Muslim people in Cuba.”

Cuba and Saudi Arabia's diplomatic relations date to 1956.

“Saudi Arabia was the first Arab nation that established diplomatic relations with Cuba,” Mr Gonzalez said.

Cuba's small Muslim community has, until now, been limited to praying mostly at home or in makeshift prayer areas.

The Saudi Fund for Development has allowed for the establishment of “social and economic” projects that will benefit the two nations, Mr Gonzalez said.

He said his country has added its support to Saudi Arabia's bid to host the World Expo 2030 Expo in Riyadh, Cuba's Representative Office Abroad website said.

Updated: September 19, 2022, 10:09 PM