Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to reinstate their ambassadors to Lebanon

Lebanon’s prime minister had promised to take action to boost co-operation with the Gulf countries

Saudi Arabia stressed the importance of Lebanon's return to its Arab allies. Photo: AFP
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Saudi Arabia and Kuwait said on Thursday that they will return their ambassadors to Lebanon in response to Lebanese government's pledges to boost co-operation and strengthen ties with Gulf.

In October, George Kordahi, Lebanon’s former information minister, made offensive public comments against Saudi Arabia.

In response, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors to Lebanon, and asked their citizens to return to the country. Riyadh also requested the departure of Lebanon's ambassador to the kingdom within 48-hours. Kordahi later resigned from his post.

Lebanon's pound plummets amid political stasis

Lebanon's pound plummets amid political stasis

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said the crisis was due to a political setup that reinforced the dominance of Iran-backed Hezbollah. The kingdom also banned all imports from Lebanon.

The kingdom stressed the importance of Lebanon's return to its Arab allies, and that peace and security prevail in the country, according to a Saudi Foreign Ministry statement carried by the state news agency.

“This (step) has been taken in response to the calls and appeals of the moderate national political forces in Lebanon,” the ministry said.

Kuwait's foreign ministry issued a similar statement, stressing that its decision came as a response to "Lebanon's compliance with the terms of the Kuwaiti-Gulf initiative".

Lebanon’s prime minister had committed last week to take all necessary measures to boost co-operation with Saudi Arabia and the GCC, and stop all political, military and security activities that harm them, Riyadh said.

Updated: April 07, 2022, 7:09 PM