A reader suggests returning cheetahs to the wild on the Arabian Peninsula. Antoine Robertson / The National
A reader suggests returning cheetahs to the wild on the Arabian Peninsula. Antoine Robertson / The National

Can the cheetah come back?

Emirati journalists will give media a local perspective

I am writing in response to Ayesha Almazroui's analysis Media sector will benefit with more Emirati journalists (May 27).

Being a journalism student at Zayed University myself, I agree with her. Government institutes, and even private ones, in the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular lack a strong journalism curriculum.

I'm lucky to have found the programme at ZU, otherwise I would have only been able to study basic mass communications.

However, the universities are not the only ones to blame. Students generally lack interest in reading and writing, and that is the responsibility of parents and schools.

The environment one lives in plays an important role in shaping one's future, so it must be an environment that challenges students and promotes critical thinking. Today's youngsters are the creators of the nation's future, and we must be assured it will be a bright future.

I'm glad to see that the interest in journalism by Emiratis is rising, and, of course, the more the merrier.

No one understands locals like locals themselves. We need local flavour in all of our publications.

Alanood Lari, Abu Dhabi

Restaurant week a great opportunity

I am writing about Anna Seaman's blog post Jumeirah Restaurant Week starts soon (May 16).

Now underway, this week provides a fabulous opportunity for Dubai residents and tourists to visit some of the exclusive restaurants that might otherwise be too heavy on the pockets.

My mother is visiting and I'll be happily introducing her to a few of the pricier ones.

Ishita, Dubai

Window tint rules are about security

In reference to Simple way to enforce window-tint law (May 27) I see many cars with very dark glass and I can't believe they meet the 10 per cent maximum tint limit.

There is one serious problem with the obstructed view caused by dark glass all around a vehicle. It has nothing to do with privacy, but everything to do with safety and security.

How could the police possibly tell if, for example, an under-age person was driving, or if a passenger was doing something illegal?

I believe that the shops that sell the tinting film must be made accountable; they must be fined for installing anything beyond the permitted limit on the front windscreen.

Installing the tint is not a do-it-yourself job, so someone must know where it's done.

Bassem P Fakhry, Dubai

Arabic teaching resources lacking

I refer to Ayesha Al Khoori's blog post, An English lesson for Arabic teachers (May 5).

Sadly, the UAE education system has so far failed to produce a bilingual generation.

Preserving Arabic should be the priority, but it should not be limited to schools only. English is a global language and the UAE is home to more than 100 nationalities who interact in English only.

The Arabic curriculum needs to be revised are completely. Unlike English, there not enough Arabic learning resources.

U Wahab, Abu Dhabi

RAK doesn't need a grand redesign

I am writing in response to Corniche set for transformation (May 27).

The Ras Al Khaimah corniche does not need to become a "modern downtown complex", as the story says. It just needs cosmetic work to complete a job that has never been finished.

Unfinished pathways, half-completed buildings, unopened public rest rooms ... do I need to go on?

My advice to the RAK authorities is: do not try to compete with Dubai; concentrate more on the natural beauty and historical sites.

Let's make RAK beautiful.

Roger Pettitt, Ras Al Khaimah

Bills soak up most of expatriates' pay

It is really depressing to compare the cost of living with the salaries we receive (Wages failing to keep up with costs, May 27).

I read that expatriates are able to save 70 per cent of their incomes, but I think this is untrue.

In many cases, everything earned gets spent on basic necessities such as bills, rent and groceries.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

Could cheetahs return to wild?

With the UAE being so proactive in conservation, perhaps cheetahs should be reintroduced back into the wild (Cheetah owners 'can help', May 27).

It would be so nice to have cheetahs back on the Arabian Peninsula again; I don't think they would compete with the protected wolves.

Tim Upham, UK


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