'What has become of the Celtic Tiger?'4

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"Few people foresaw that the legacy of the Celtic tiger era might be ruins: shattered banks, ghost estates, persistent high unemployment, emigration and unhappiness." Photo by Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
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"In 2011, the sun will rise for the children of India." Kapil Sibal, India's former human resources and development minister.
"We believe the Middle East, and in particular the GCC region, has great potential to maintain the economy in a much healthier status than other parts of the world." Omer Kaddouri, the chief operating officer of Rotana.
"With gas in New York trading at about a quarter of the price of oil, who can blame traders for proclaiming that 'gas is trash'?" Tamsin Carlisle - The National.
"What investors should be watching this year: pay close attention to Treasury and bond yields in general across the board. This will have enormous impact on highly indebted governments and highly leveraged companies." Sameh Hassan, a fund manager at Duet Group, Dubai.
"There will not be an actual sell-down of the dollar but we will see countries looking to diversify out of the dollar into new reserves." Shady Shaher, the MENA region economist at Standard Chartered.
"I expect radio will see a big boom, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia." Elie Aoun, the managing director for the MENA region at Ipsos MediaCT.
"The goal here is really simple. We and our sellers want to provide the best shopping experience to buyers and create a place for them to easily buy items." Ronaldo Mouchawar, the chief executive of souq.com.