UK law firms to run Bahrain banks

The Central Bank of Bahrain has appointed two British law firms to administer a pair of Bahraini banks owned by the struggling Saudi Arabian conglomerates the Saad and Al Gosaibi groups. From today, Trowers and Hamlins will lead the administration of The International Banking Corporation (TIBC) while Charles Russell will administer Awal Bank, the central bank said.

The central bank assumed the administration last month of Awal Bank, which is owned by the Saad Group, and TIBC, which is owned by Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi and Brothers. The financial troubles of the two Saudi family conglomerates arose in May, when TIBC defaulted on its financial obligations to other banks because of a planned debt restructuring by Al Gosaibi, whose operations include financial services, property, hotels and shipping. Saad's problems came to light shortly afterwards when it emerged that the group was also being forced to restructure its debt.

The central bank took control of both companies on July 30, saying a report that it commissioned had uncovered substantial shortfalls of assets compared to liabilities. It said it had decided to appoint law firms to lead the administration proceedings because of the number of legal cases involving both banks. A leading accountancy firm would be working alongside the administrators to ensure the interests of creditors were upheld, the central bank said.

The administrators will be instructed to identify any outstanding claims of creditors and to manage the distribution of the remaining assets of the banks, the regulator said. Bahrain's central bank refused to comment beyond its statement yesterday, while no one was available to comment from either Trowers and Hamlins or Charles Russell. TIBC had assets of US$3.8 billion (Dh13.9bn) and Awal Bank had $7.6bn at the end of last year, according to figures on their websites. The grand court of the Cayman Islands has ordered a worldwide freeze of $9.2bn in assets belonging to the Saudi billionaire Maan al Sanea, the owner of Saad.

The Bahrain central bank was also reviewing the actions of people connected with the management of the banks to ensure they complied with the "standard of fitness and propriety" required, the regulator said in a statement on July 30. Rasheed al Maraj, the governor of the Bahraini central bank, told Al Arabiya television last week that the effects of the two banks' debt burden on the country's financial sector were very limited.

Standard & Poor's last week downgraded TIBC to "D/D", or default, from "SD/SD", or selective default, after the central bank said it would appoint an administrator for the lender. It previously downgraded TIBC to selective default in May after the bank defaulted on some of its debt. The Bahrain office of Trowers and Hamlins is the largest international law office in the kingdom, according to the firm's website. Charles Russell's office, which is based in the Bahrain World Trade Centre, covers corporate finance, property and communications, among other areas.


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Starring: Akshay Kumar, Radhika Madan, Paresh Rawal

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UAE currency: the story behind the money in your pockets


1.           Featherweight 66kg

Ben Lucas (AUS) v Ibrahim Kendil (EGY)

2.           Lightweight 70kg

Mohammed Kareem Aljnan (SYR) v Alphonse Besala (CMR)

3.           Welterweight 77kg

Marcos Costa (BRA) v Abdelhakim Wahid (MAR)

4.           Lightweight 70kg

Omar Ramadan (EGY) v Abdimitalipov Atabek (KGZ)

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Ahmed Al Darmaki (UAE) v Kagimu Kigga (UGA)

6.           Catchweight 85kg

Ibrahim El Sawi (EGY) v Iuri Fraga (BRA)

7.           Featherweight 66kg

Yousef Al Husani (UAE) v Mohamed Allam (EGY)

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Mostafa Radi (PAL) v Abdipatta Abdizhali (KGZ)

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Jaures Dea (CMR) v Andre Pinheiro (BRA)

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Tarek Suleiman (SYR) v Juscelino Ferreira (BRA)

Company Profile

Company name: Cargoz
Date started: January 2022
Founders: Premlal Pullisserry and Lijo Antony
Based: Dubai
Number of staff: 30
Investment stage: Seed

The five pillars of Islam

1. Fasting

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Nepotism is the name of the game

Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, is one of Bollywood’s most legendary screenwriters. Through his partnership with co-writer Javed Akhtar, Salim is credited with having paved the path for the Indian film industry’s blockbuster format in the 1970s. Something his son now rules the roost of. More importantly, the Salim-Javed duo also created the persona of the “angry young man” for Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the 1970s, reflecting the angst of the average Indian. In choosing to be the ordinary man’s “hero” as opposed to a thespian in new Bollywood, Salman Khan remains tightly linked to his father’s oeuvre. Thanks dad. 

Company Profile

Name: HyveGeo
Started: 2023
Founders: Abdulaziz bin Redha, Dr Samsurin Welch, Eva Morales and Dr Harjit Singh
Based: Cambridge and Dubai
Number of employees: 8
Industry: Sustainability & Environment
Funding: $200,000 plus undisclosed grant
Investors: Venture capital and government


Started: 2023
Co-founders: Arto Bendiken and Talal Thabet
Based: Dubai, UAE
Industry: AI
Number of employees: 41
Funding: About $1.7 million
Investors: Self, family and friends

Film: Raid
Dir: Rajkumar Gupta
Starring: Ajay Devgn, Ileana D'cruz and Saurabh Shukla

Verdict:  Three stars 

Red Sparrow

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5pm: UAE Martyrs Cup (TB) Conditions Dh90,000 2,200m

Winner: Mudaarab, Jim Crowley (jockey), Erwan Charpy (trainer).

5.30pm: Wathba Stallions Cup (PA) Handicap Dh70,000 1,400m

Winner: Jawal Al Reef, Richard Mullen, Hassan Al Hammadi.

6pm: UAE Matyrs Trophy (PA) Maiden Dh80,000 1,600m

Winner: Salima Al Reef, Jesus Rosales, Abdallah Al Hammadi.

6.30pm: Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak (IFAHR) Apprentice Championship (PA) Prestige Dh100,000 1,600m

Winner: Bainoona, Ricardo Iacopini, Eric Lemartinel.

7pm: Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak (IFAHR) Ladies World Championship (PA) Prestige Dh125,000 1,600m

Winner: Assyad, Victoria Larsen, Eric Lemartinel.

8pm: Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Jewel Crown (PA) Group 1 Dh5,000,000 1,600m

Winner: Mashhur Al Khalediah, Jean-Bernard Eyquem, Phillip Collington.


Name: SmartCrowd
Started: 2018
Founder: Siddiq Farid and Musfique Ahmed
Based: Dubai
Sector: FinTech / PropTech
Initial investment: $650,000
Current number of staff: 35
Investment stage: Series A
Investors: Various institutional investors and notable angel investors (500 MENA, Shurooq, Mada, Seedstar, Tricap)