Suite new meaning to the term 'high-end'

Two hundred metres up, a suspended presidential suite will be a hallmark of the St Regis hotel on the Corniche.

The world’s highest presidential suite comes with a private entrance, a butler and its own cinema seen here suspended at 200 meters above ground at the St Regis Hotel on the in Abu Dhabi Corniche.
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ABU DHABI // For lease: four-bedroom, luxury hotel suite with view from 200 metres up … and nothing underneath it.

Part of the St Regis Hotel that is due to open on the Corniche in three months, the Abu Dhabi Suite contains a majlis that was built on the ground, then hauled up to its lofty position.

The world's highest presidential suite comes with a private entrance, a butler and its own cinema.

The suite between the hotel's two towers is the first of its kind, said Oliver Key, manager of the St Regis Hotel.

The bedrooms are on either side of the suspended majlis, along with a spa, dining room, kitchen and reception area.

Mr Key said it was too early to give rates for the presidential suite, one of five set to open in the St Regis.

The main building work at the hotel is finished and workers are putting in the finishing touches, including marble and mahogany, and gold and silver leaf on columns in the foyer.

It will have 282 rooms and 40 suites over 16 floors, and two restaurants.

"It will be pretty impressive when it's done," Mr Key said. "What you see from the outside does not give you a lot of indication of what you would get once you see the inside.

"It is very much more of a classical look than the main contemporary towers you see in many hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The idea is you get more of a St Regis New York or St Regis London experience.

"The only things left to do is hang the two chandeliers, put the carpets down, hang the drapes and give it a thorough cleaning."

Part of the St Regis tradition is its tapestries. The bar will have three sporting tapestries, featuring horse racing, camel racing and falconry.

The British chef Gary Rhodes will open a restaurant on the property.

"He has been there six times and has been involved in the process," Mr Key said.

The 250-strong staff will be ready for the soft launch by April 15, and by September everything is expected to be open, including the presidential suites, beach club and restaurants.