Three UAE credit card options to ease school fees

Three of the best UAE credit cards that offer options to ease school fees.

Sarah Dea / The National
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Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card

Benefits: Card users can get cash back of 5 per cent should they use the card to pay school fees. However, the cashback applies only when a customer has also spent a minimum of Dh3,000 on retail purchases, excluding education and utility.

Watch out for: The school must be approved and listed with MasterCard Worldwide as an educational Institution. The bank decides a customer's eligibility.

Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card

Benefits: Cardholders can get up to 10 per cent cash back on school fees. The fees can also be converted in monthly instalments at zero per cent interest for up to 12 months, but a processing fee applies, which is not specified.

Watch out for: The cashback is limited to a maximum of Dh400 a month even if the fees paid with the card are more than Dh10,000 a month.

NBAD Gems Credit Card

Benefits: Cardholders can receive tuition discounts of up to 7 per cent at any of the 29 Gems schools in the UAE on advance payments. It also offers a zero per cent payment plan for 12 months.

Watch out for: Advertised monthly interest rate of 2.75 per cent. And there's no cash back on this card.

* Beware when taking on any debt and check all terms and conditions

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