Smart watches and the end of good taste

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The geeks have taken over the world. It is official as Sony and Samsung are now touting smart watches ahead of Apple's expected new wrist gadget next week. The clunky monstrosities, glaring back with their ridiculously tiny screens are the future of technology, of gadgets, of mankind and its quest for the next big thing.

It is at once an insult to the Vacheron Constantins of the world, mechanical engineering and good taste. It seems that everything in our lives will eventually beep, vibrate and pose potential health risks as we squint to look at all the different screens around us, posting useless tweets, messages we don't want to read and reminders for meetings we don't want to attend.

Innovation is great, especially when it produces products that enable creativity, break down barriers and enable a culture of openness and truth. It is not so great when the end game is just profit and manufacturers add a chip or two to every day devices only to make us lazy and increase our data consumption (and eventually our telephone [appliance?] bills).

Bring back the cool kids, the ones who sat at the back of the classroom, not bothered with anything other than casually strolling through life. Whatever happened to them? They had good taste. They wouldn't wear a smart watch.