Getting ready for Gitex

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The 33rd Gitex Technology Week begins Sunday 20 October. More than 130,000 delegates are set to descend on Dubai to check out the latest technologies and services on offer in the region. Representatives from 150 countries will be pitching up their banners and wares in a bid to create new partnerships and lure in potential customers to their pavilions.

Lasting four days, it is simultaneously a great and horrific week. Here are my tips to get through it.

1) Wear comfortable shoes This is vital. You will either be running around or standing on your feet all day long. Comfort over style where footwear is concerned is crucial.

2) It could all go wrong Things don't usually run on time and meetings will be rescheduled, postponed or cancelled. You may end up being double-booked. Meetings will start late and overrun. These are possibilities you should factor in when arranging them.

3) The World Trade Centre is huge Do not underestimate the amount of walking you will need to do. It is easy to get lost and you will find yourself dashing from one end of the centre to the next to make it to meetings. Best to jot down exact locations and give yourself 15mins leeway.

4) Don't be greedy Ask for a USB instead of press kits/information kits. The last thing you want is to hurl "goodie bags" around all day (they only contain brochures and stress balls).

5) Focus Gitex is huge, it is pretty pointless to wander around aimlessly in the hope of finding something. Use the exhibition guide, highlight the companies and events that interest you most and stick to it. Use the last day for browsing.