Generation Start-up: From small beginnings come big dreams

Myki co-founders aim for product to reach as many people as possible and to make a difference in their lives

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Priscilla Sharuk and Antoine Jebara, the co-founders of Lebanon-based Myki, which offers a free-to-download mobile app designed to enhance online security, talk to The National about their start-up and their plans for the future.

Who first invested in you?

Beco Capital and B&Y Venture Partners

What already successful start-up do you wish you had started?

Ms Sharuk: I am interested very much in the story of how a start-up began, so I have to say Airbnb because of the story behind it.  These are the things that make products tangible and human.

Mr Jebara: Google because I think that they solved a very difficult and unique problem at a time when the world really needed it and now they are diversified to a point that they get to work on so many things in parallel.

What is your next big dream to make happen?

Ms Sharuk: I would like Myki to be the leading platform for identity management on the market, to be in as many smartphones as possible and to be giving millions of people the convenience that they deserve.


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Mr Jebara: We want to be the people to make digital identity secure.

What new skills have you learnt in the process of launching your start-up?

Ms Sharuk: Probably the biggest skill I have learned in the process of  launching Myki is pitching to an audience and pitching to my investors. The art of communicating ideas is something I focused on a lot.

Mr Jebara: You have to learn how to handle different sort of issues, learn how to handle people, actual users and technical support.

If you could wave that wand and give yourself three wishes to ensure you attain Uber-like success what would those three things be?

Ms Sharuk: for my product to reach as many people as possible and to really make a difference in their lives, to push as many entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs to take risks and don’t stress so much.