Platinum stilettos fit for a queen

The House of Borgezie's $109,000 platinum shoes that come with a 1,000-year guarantee took four years to develop.

The House of Borgezie's Cleopatra stilettos. Courtesy The House of Borgezie
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Not even Cinderella had shoes like these. While the erstwhile servant girl had to make do with glass slippers, bespoke jeweller The House of Borgezie has designed a pair of platinum stilettos – they teeter in at US$109,700 a pair.

The Cleopatra heels took Borgezie’s founder, Christopher Michael Shellis, four years to develop, and each pair of shoes takes his craftsmen hundreds of hours to produce.

“Like the entire Borgezie range, nothing like this has been achieved, or was indeed possible before,” the designer says, adding that this is one of his most difficult projects to date. During the manufacturing process, the platinum used to make the sandals is heated to a temperature of 1,200°C.

In 2010, the Britain-based firm unveiled its Eternal Diamond heels. Each pair is made with 2,200 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 30 carats. Prices for those start at $187,000 a pair.

Footballers’ wives, models and singers are among the celebrities that Borgezie has as clients.

“I have made the Duchess of Cambridge a special silver blue enamel butterfly pendant and matching bracelet,” says Mr Shellis, who has chalked up more than 25 years in designing and creating fine jewellery. Nature often inspires him. His diamond and Cleopatra stilettos, for example, have become famous for their unique lily stamen heel.

“We are all surrounded by pure perfect design in nature that cannot be improved upon,” he says. “It is just a matter of translating that design perfection. The iconic [stamen] feature elevates any woman on to a perfect statuesque plinth.”

This stiletto is also available in 18-carat yellow or white gold for $93,000. Every pair has a 1,000-year guarantee.

And rather ingeniously, the heart-shaped sole and heel of each pair of shoes can be replaced quickly and easily.

As the firm offers a bespoke fitting service, every client receives a visit from a Borgezie staffer who will take the measurements of her feet for an exact fit.