UAE salary guide 2019: How much should you be earning?

Compare your wage to what the experts say is the typical wage across sectors in the Emirates

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The new year brings a fresh start, renewed optimism - and hopefully a pay rise for some. That is unless you are already earning more than you probably should be.

In the UAE, confidence has picked up after a spate of government reforms  aimed to boost economic growth and create new jobs.

However, according to the Robert Half Salary Guide 2019, almost half of organisations it surveyed within the UAE said they found it significantly challenging to find qualified professionals.

So, if you have the skills, should you be demanding more money?

Check out the salary guide at the top (rotate your phone or pinch to zoom if you are viewing on smaller screens) which covers jobs in accounting and finance, financial services, technology, human resources and administration, and legal.

The salaries reflect starting pay only and exclude bonuses and expatriate incentives.

The highest paid position among those covered is that of chief financial officer of a large company, which can command a salary of up to $572,200 a year (Dh2.1 million annually - or Dh175,000 a month).

Further down, a personal assistant can expect between $49,000 and $65,400 a year (Dh15,000 to Dh20,000 a month).


The Robert Half report said that although many businesses feel they need professionals with more tailored skills sets, they aren't always able to offer salaries that are competitive enough.

"This has led to businesses only offering increased salaries to candidates with must-have skills, rather than those with skills that are considered nice to have."

Salaries in the UAE are projected to increase by 4.8 per cent next year across all industries, according to the Total Remuneration Study from the global consulting firm Mercer.

Mercer found that overall salaries in the UAE increased by 4.5 per cent this year, with the biggest pay rise of 5 per cent awarded to those in the "life sciences" sector.


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