Technophile: Action cams

Three camcorders that let you record all the action.

JVC PICS10 GC-WP10A (underwater cam)
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How it looks Like a mobile phone, albeit waterproofed, but without the added extras, such as calls and texts. But if you are underwater, these types of features don't matter. Unless, of course, Apple decides our lives are incomplete without a smartphone that can take pictures and videos underwater and everybody has to have one. Hopefully, we can still escape the demands of connectivity in one of the last places on Earth: beneath the sea. Discounting, of course, a submarine.

What it does Like Cisco's Flip Mino HD, JVC's version of the mini HD camcorder has a range of options that should satisfy pretty much everybody. It connects to your PC and movies are easily uploaded to the likes of YouTube so you can showcase your latest diving or snorkelling exploits to the world. The zoom is an underwhelming 4x, but if it's murky underwater, that's not really going to matter.

Who it's for Kids mucking about in the pool or at the beach, where it doesn't matter if it's dropped in the water. It's not the best underwater HD camcorder on the market, but it does the trick - until you realise you need something so much more powerful for clearer underwater shots. Dh1,360

Chilli Technology Action Cam Max

How it looks A cross between a telescope and a torch, the Action Cam Max was originally designed to be strapped to your helmet. These days, however, it can be connected to a range of options such as a car window, a bike or a skateboard - if you're still into that.

What it does It records all the heart-stopping action from your latest mountain biking spin or drifting weekend at the race track at a resolution of 640x480. But it's not all about creating memories with movies. You can also take still shots. Good luck with that as you fly down a mountain at 60 kilometres an hour and can't find the button to take a photo.

Who it's for Adventurers and extreme sports lovers who want to watch themselves in action, either now or to impress the grandkids in the future. Just remember, there's no optical zoom and it records on an SD card. Dh122

Chilli Technology Action Cam 1

How it looks Like a small camcorder that can be strapped to a helmet, giving viewers of the resulting movie a head-spinning view of what it feels like to fly down a hill on a skateboard, scream down a mountain on a bike or even climb one.

What it does It's all about hand's-free filming when it comes to the Action Cam 1, but with a slightly different approach from the traditional helmet-mounted video camera. Thanks to its head strap, this means the camera can be placed anywhere - behind, on the side or at the front of the helmet. It runs on a AA battery, while it can pick up sound from 3.6 metres away.

Who it's for Anybody who's into extreme or not so extreme sports. Although if you need a helmet, chances are there's an element of danger involved. Dh242