One in seven expats wants to create a 'trust-fund kid'

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Trust funds are no longer the preserve of the super rich - or so it would seem according to a survey from Atlas Corporate Services Group.

Though trust funds are typically considered "elitist" and something wealthy parents bestow on their work-shy children, 68 per cent of UAE expats believe this tax-saving tool is actually a sensible way to plan their finances.

Furthermore, one in seven of those polled would like to set up a trust for their own children if they had the means.

Another interesting statistic is that 73 per cent of those polled regularly give to charity.

Paul Hymers, Financial Director of Atlas Corporate Services, says: "Over the past three years we have seen a sharp increase in our clients looking to set up trusts and foundations for their kids and godchildren. We're calling this the 'Give Back Generation', as clients react to a turbulent period in the markets at large with a move to preserve and protect their next of kin."

So not only are we actively giving to charity, but we are also keen to protect the financial interests of our children's futures. If we are becoming a more caring society, that's great.