Can Artificial Intelligence make us better investors? – Pocketful of Dirhams

Finamaze founder Mehdi Fichtali explains how AI can boost your investment portfolio

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Investing your money is a tricky business, particularly when the financial markets are trying to factor in a global pandemic.

Wild swings in equity prices can cause emotional reactions, with some investors buying or selling without thinking about the long-term implications.

While an army of DIY investors in the UAE now adopt a long-term approach by investing in exchange-traded funds, others prefer a helping hand from either a regulated financial adviser or digital investment platforms, known as robo-advisers.

But, how about taking it one step further and using the power of Artificial Intelligence to ensure our investment decisions stay in line with our rational values?

Host Alice Haine is joined by Mehdi Fichtali, the founder of Finamaze, a new hybrid human AI robo-asset manager, which launched in Abu Dhabi in November.

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