Luxury attention for Emirates' posh rides

The Life: A 27-year-old Emirati takes his passion for luxury cars to start a detailing workshop for luxury and prestigious cars.

A mechanic sprays a repaired alloy rim at Monza car detailing workshop. Antonie Robertson / The National
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Gleaming luxury cars are a common sight on the roads of the Emirates. But behind the shine, there are people such as Mohamed Al Shaiba, whose company services super brands - Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin. Mr Al Shaiba, 27, the founder and president of Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection, talks about his passion for cars and his job.

Why start a car-servicing company in Dubai?

It's a great base to start such a business. We love cars in this country. I do not own a luxury car, but I have a passion for them. I had a small toy Mercedes as a child. I went to Italy for … training on car [servicing] in July 2010 and then to the auto show in Frankfurt in September to see the products in the market, what others are doing, and what are the best solutions. Back in Dubai, I rented a place, bought the stuff, and people started loving it.

What kind of services does your workshop provide and how much does that cost?

Every car has wear and tear after, say, 10,000 kilometres. We [service] the car and come back with it exactly as it was before. We service the panels, doors, engine - everything. It's a spa for the cars. The costs start at Dh1,500 [US$408] for a hologram-free polishing, and a car wash starts at Dh150. For full detailing it can cost around Dh7,000. For that you get leather repair and interior and exterior work. We service only luxury cars such as Mercedes, Lamborghini or Ferrari, and prestigious cars such as Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin.

How has your company grown during the past two years?

I started small, by servicing cars of parents and relatives. Now I have around 60 clients and handle most of the luxury car showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, such as Centurion Cars and Exotic Cars in Dubai. We now employ 12 people, up from six people we employed in 2010.

How much have you invested in the workshop?

I am still investing every day and it has exceeded Dh1.5 million and counting.

How do you plan to expand your business?

There is a demand in Abu Dhabi, and maybe we will have a workshop there next year. Right now we are looking at expansion in the Gulf region, Jordan and Iran. We are looking for [franchisees].

You are located in a back alley in Al Quoz. How do you spread the word about your workshop?

These type of clients do not have one car. They come back with their other models and other owners. Once we do the work, it speaks for itself. It is all word of mouth. We have new clients daily, almost two to three clients a day. There is a lot of demand in the sector.

* Sananda Sahoo