Expat wants to check if Dubai police case is still open over unpaid debts

UK resident wants to return to UAE but is concerned about debts - since paid off - that built up after having to pay significant medical bills.

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I left Dubai in 2009 and unfortunately left some unpaid debts behind. My daughter was born with a serious medical issue that needed urgent treatment and my company refused to pay the medical bill even though I had valid insurance. I was left with no option but to spend a great deal of money that I didn’t have to pay for her essential treatment. I took out a large personal loan and ran up big credit card bills. I have now been approached about a new job in Dubai, but have been unable to find a company that can find out whether I have any police cases lodged against me. I have recently paid off the money owed to the bank, which has been remarkably understanding, but I am not entirely convinced that they have retracted the police case they originally filed against me. Is there any way I can check whether there is a problem with me re-entering the UAE without having to actually do so? JD, UK

I offered to contact the bank directly to find out if the police case had been retracted, but Mr D has since received a letter from them, and I have seen a copy, confirming that there is no further liability on his part. To be sure there will be no further issues, I recommend that the situation is checked directly with Dubai Police. Mr D can ask a friend who is in Dubai to go to one of the main police stations with a copy of his passport, or the one that was current at the time he was living here, to ask if there are any cases registered. A letter of authority won’t do any harm and while they may have to wait a while, all the information should be on the police database. While detailed information will not be released to a third party, the police can confirm if there are any cases outstanding on their system so that action can be taken before arriving in the UAE.

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