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Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 9 March 2021

Back to the Future Energy Summit

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Last week, the third annual World Future Energy Summit (WFES) descended on Abu Dhabi, pushing public relations consultants into overdrive and energy correspondents' noses to the grindstone.

Several of The National's reporters were thus afflicted, and we apologise for neglecting this blog for the summit's duration. This year's WFES was, after all, the first major international event related to climate change since the ill-fated Copenhagen summit, and we were driven to distraction trying to stretch our limited resources among dozens of conference sessions, roundtables and interviews while trying to meet newspaper deadlines.

As you may have noticed, we are intermittent bloggers. This is largely unavoidable, as no one has yet developed a reliable power source to coax around-the-clock output from energy writers. Strong, black coffee has its limitations - and was unavailable at the WFES after 5pm, long before our reporters had finished filing copy. 

In theory, around-the-clock news output should be possible, as storage is available. Indeed, word storage technology has been around for centuries and now is at an advanced stage of development. The snag is that current words, once stored, are rapidly transformed into dated words, which our readers find less electrifying. 
(Note to management: We need back-up power to keep this blog rolling.)

Be that as it may, The National's total energy output was impressive last week. If you are not a subscriber to the newspaper or a frequent visitor to its web site, here is what you may have missed:

Saturday, 16 January:
Hope at the heart of the Sun - by Tamsin Carlisle
Solar aircraft lights the way - by Tamsin Carlisle
Solar panel market will rocket - by Chris Stanton
Masdar vision weathers global storm - by Chris Stanton
Big Oil fuels new growth industry - by Tamsin Carlisle
How carbon capture would clean up our dirty habit - by Tamsin Carlisle
Reducing nation's carbon footprint means unprecedented co-operation - by Vesela Todorova
Calculating the sum of all fears - by Vesela Todorova
Nature's own solutions - by Vesela Todorova
Dawn of a new power game - by Jonathan Gornall
Cash seeds grassroots dream - by Cassie Biggs
Building a sustainable future desert - by Zoi Constantine
Obstacles to living the green life - by Jen Gerson
A smart, timely move - by Tom Ashby
Pods will push cars off the road
Geological storage of CO2
Putting CO2 to good use
Summit highlights
Saving the planet is a task for all of us

Sunday, 17 January:
Abu Dhabi salt plains could help fuel planes - by Tamsin Carlisle
Backers stress biofuels can be harmless - by Tamsin Carlisle
Masdar City sets its pod cars in motion - by Chris Stanton
Dark clouds loom over solar power outfits - by Tamsin Carlisle
Saudis lend their weight to Irena - by Vesela Todorova
Most say they can help solve climate ills - by Jonathan Gornall and Vesela Todorova
Have you heard the carbon message? - by Jonathan Gornall and Vesela Todorova
600-plus exhibitors show their stuff at World Future Energy Summit - by Paul McMillan
Developers plan to keep the sea at bay - by Loveday Morris
The Middle East needs vision to look beyond the oil age - by Emile Hokayem
A global registry for climate commitments - by Richard Stewart, Benedict Kingsbury and Bryce Rudyk
Technology to stem the tide

Monday, 18 January:
Masdar launches clean energy fund with Deutche Bank - by Ivan Gale and Chris Stanton
Carbon capture plan will boost oilfield output - by Tamsin Carlisle
Masdar backed solar plant gets $760m from Europe - by Ivan Gale
Turkey touts proposed gas pipeline from Qatar - by Tamsin Carlisle and Chris Stanton
Maldives attacks world community over Copenhagen climate failure - by Vesela Todorova
France and the UAE: leading by example and unity of effort - by Jean-Louis Borloo

Tuesday, 19 January:
Gulf leaders defend virtues of fossil fuels - by Chris Stanton
Oil is not going away, former BP chief says - by Tamsin Carlisle
Statoil eyes Abu Dhabi concession - by Tamsin Carlisle
Planners release draft green building rules for capital - by Vesela Todorova
Abu Dhabi street lights go green - by Matt Kwong
Zayed energy prize goes to Toyota - National Staff
Video: Exhibitors at the World Future Energy Summit
In pictures: World Future Energy Summit

Wednesday, 20 January:
Electric cars 'still 10 years in the future' - by Chris Stanton
A capital move to cut carbon emissions - by Chris Stanton
Exxon starts biofuel research - by Tamsin Carlisle
Young leaders find inspiration at seminar - by Ivan Gale
Energy conference warned that wasting time risks catastrophe - by Vesela Todorova
Island resort to have electric buses - by Matt Kwong
Invention meets necessity at summit - by Paul McMillan
Interactive: a global village

Thursday, 21 January:
Global fiscal crisis stunts growth of green companies - by Chris Stanton
Masdars solar panel plant seeks policy jolt - by Chris Stanton
UAE residents choose cheap petrol over climate - by Chris Stanton and Vesela Todorova
Seven days that shook the energy world - by Vesela Todorova and Jonathan Gornall
Swiss adventurer eyes the green horizon - by Rupert Wright
Nissan hopes new Leaf will turn car maker into market leader - by Georgia Lewis
Dubai municipality consults over green parking strategies - by Georgia Lewis
Plugging into tomorrow - by Neil Vorano
Maybe Big Brother is useful after all - by Neil Vorano
Framework for our energy of the future

Friday, 22 January:
Architects urged to find simple solutions to energy saving - by Bradley Hope
Energy forum 'testament' to capital - by Vesela Todorova
Solar advertising lights up capital's new recycling bins - by Matt Kwong

Saturday, 23 January:
Siemens deploys people power - By Tamsin Carlisle
Battery of changes: the car industry's electric future - by Georgia Lewis and Neil Vorano

Pic by Jaime Puebla/The National

Published: January 26, 2010 04:00 AM


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