Emirates introduces laptop handling service on US-bound flights in response to device ban

The carrier will collect passengers' laptops and tablets just before boarding and store them in the hull, then return them to passengers after they land.

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Emirates airline has introduced its answer to the US ban on laptops and tablets in cabin luggage: a laptop handling service.

The carrier said on Thursday that it would begin collecting passengers’ devices that fall under the ban just before they board their flights to the United States. The devices would then be packed in boxes, loaded into the aircraft hold and returned once passengers arrived in the US.

The airline said passengers would be required to declare their devices to security before the bags are searched. It also said that the best way to avoid delays would be to pack electronics in checked luggage in the first place.


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The Emirates president Tim Clark had said on Wednesday that the carrier was "working on a solution that will enable our passengers to utilise their electronic devices up to the last possible moment".

“The airline industry is no stranger to new security protocols and, as a global player, we must expect and adjust to these unexpected situations. Emirates is highly resilient,” he said.

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The new rules, which take effect on Saturday and are to last through October 14, forbid passengers on flights bound to the US from 10 airports, including those in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar, from carrying electronic devices larger than normal smartphones onto the plane cabin. Passengers will still be able to use the phones as normal.

The ban does not affect passengers connecting to the US through airports not affected by the ban, including Emirates’ flights through Milan and Athens.

The carrier said it would assign extra staff to affected flights to ease the process.


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