Upset over George Clooney’s engagement? Give me a break

Please stop saying 'I bet there are so many upset women all over the world today' when referring to the news of George Clooney's engagement. It's degrading.

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Since the news of George Clooney’s engagement to Amal Alamuddin broke this morning, the first reaction seems to be “I bet there are upset women all over the world today”.

Kris Fade said it on his radio show this morning. “I bet there are so many upset ladies out there today.”

A friend told me over the phone: “Can you imagine how many middle-aged women are crying into their cornflakes this morning?” Well, here’s the thing – we aren’t.

I will tell you what most women of moderate intelligence think of George Clooney’s engagement: well done. Clooney, you didn’t settle for some floozy – you have chosen a woman with such amazing credentials to her name that it takes one’s breath away to read them. We aren’t jealous that she’s marrying George because there are far more important things to admire about her.

She’s tri-lingual: she speaks French, Arabic and English. She’s a lawyer, who specialises in international law. She is Oxford-educated. She is also a graduate of NYU. She is a published author.

We say good effort Clooney, for holding out and remaining single and waiting for someone who not only matches your good looks but far outshines you intellectually.