Trevor Noah plugs his private shower on Emirates flight to Dubai

screenshot of Trevor Noah's twitter account
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Wondering which airline Trevor Noah took to Dubai?

The Daily Show host offered Emirates a clear and present plug after posting a picture of his private shower — the very same shower which caused Jennifer Aniston such consternation in her recent bathrobe-wandering commercial spot (which attracted four million You Tube views).

Noah was clearly impressed with such outlandish luxury, tweeting from his journey home, after a closing headline slot at the Dubai Comedy Festival on Saturday October 24.

“I’ve seen many cool things on a plane but the shower on this Emirates flight takes the cake. #NoExcuseToSmellFunky” tweeted the South African comic.

Within a day the post had attracted 500 retweets and 1,000 likes.

The showers are a feature of first class flying aboard Emirates A380 Airbus.

Whether Noah paid for his upgrade, we can only wonder.