The best tweets of the week

From tennis mom Judy Murray to wacky dad Jonathan Ross to Jamie Oliver and his wedding anniversary to Lily Rose Cooper (nee Allen)

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  • "Oooooooooh Deliciano........looking good out there. As always." Judy Murray (mother of the British No. 1 Andy Murray), shows her appreciation for the Spaniard Feliciano Lopez at Wimbledon. Note: her son was not impressed. June 24.
  • "Good morning. I am off to take my daughter to school, via Diagon Alley. Might be some time." Jonathan Ross is a wacky dad. For the muggles among you, who aren't in the know, Diagon Alley is a fictional London street frequented by Harry Potter and friends and is unlikely to be on the school run. June 24.
  • "guys what can i get for my wife's 11 year "steal" anniversary present im really late & its tomorrow! im so out of ideas ...jamie o x". Jamie Oliver might be preoccupied with his US Food Revolution, but we can't imagine Jools was particularly thrilled to see this. We also suspect he might be confusing "steal" with "steel". June 25.
  • "@piersmorgan Piers, I'm a little surprised - and, let's face it, a bit disappointed that Beyonce hasn't asked you to record a duet". Do we detect just a hint of sarcasm in GQ editor Dylan Jones' tone? June 28.
  • "I haven't been feeling myself lately and now I know why, Twitter has un-verified me. #marriagetroubles" A couple of weeks into married life and Lily Rose Cooper (née Allen) is experiencing some problems with her Twitter name change. June 28

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