Sensuality meets comfort in Salta’s new collection, to be shown at Fashion Forward Dubai

The Kazakhstan designer and her eponymous label are already well established in her home country, but this season marks her first foray into the Dubai fashion scene.

Designer Salta will attend Fashion Forward Dubai. Yan Ray
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Hailing from Kazakhstan, Salta and her eponymous label are already well established in her home country, but this season marks the designer’s first foray into the Dubai fashion scene.

On choosing Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) as her debut, she says: “I visited Fashion Forward last season and was blown away by the talent and the set-up, and feel honoured to be taking part this season.”

When asked what she hopes to gain from showing here, she says: “I believe this is the next big ­challenge and step for my label. I was ready to start conquering another region of the world and working my way towards a global reputation.”

Launched in 2008, Salta has a loyal following of customers for its signature silhouettes. Working around the notion of contrasts, the work is soft yet structured, sheer yet demure, and always understated. Embracing the philosophy of less is more, the designs translate very well into this region.

“My collections are quite conservative, but with an edge,” says Salta. “I tend to use minimalist shapes and cuts to allow my customers to feel both sensuality and ease, which I believe is perfect for the region. I use a lot of light and breathable fabrics that work extremely well for the heat here.”

Salta’s is an understated aesthetic, both refined and sophisticated. While some young labels rely on tricks to grab attention, she has the confidence to be true to her vision. Her collections are quiet to the point of stillness, giving small details and economy of cut the space to shine through.

Surface is all-important, with devoré mixed with cottons, and linens lacquered to resemble leathers. Edges are often left frayed and distressed, and neck lines are unadorned and unfussy.

Continuing the idea of contrasts, Salta’s palette for spring/summer 2016 saw muted tones of nude and black, while for the autumn/winter 2016 collection, launching at FFWD this weekend, she promises a lighter approach of layered whites and golds.

“Each collection represents both freedom and comfort, yet with a touch of ethnic creativity.

“For the autumn/winter collection, I was inspired by the captivating destination of Tibet and showcasing beautiful designs with freedom and comfort, yet with a touch of modern ethnic creativity for the Salta woman.”

The influence can be seen in the use of burnished golds against simple surfaces.

A sneak peek at the collection reveals lightweight fabrics carved into bubble shapes standing free of the body, but so soft they crumple and fold. Layered one under another, Salta’s pieces build a visual story in delicate lines, building shape without weight, and structure without form.

“I’m hoping to use Fashion Forward as a platform of introducing Salta to the region. It’s the perfect stepping stone as it has such a large outreach and the consumers can be introduced to my collection in a very creative way.”

Fashion Forward Dubai starts on March 31. For more details or to place an order, visit