Saudi TV comic duo Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdullah Al Sadhan to reunite after 10 years

The ‘Tash ma Tash’ actors buried the hatchet that stemmed from a court dispute

L-R: Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdullah Al Sadhan in 'Tash Ma Tash. Supplied.
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Ramadan has come early for Saudi Arabia's most famous comic duo.

Actors Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdullah Al Sadhan, who from 1993 to 2011 topped the Ramadan TV ratings with classic comedy series Tash ma Tash, have finally put a court dispute behind them and said they will work together again.

The news was revealed online on Friday in a tweet by Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment Authority.

Standing alongside Waleed Al Ibrahim, founder and chairman of MBC Group, the official hailed the authority's ongoing partnership with the Saudi owned broadcaster and stated that Al Qasabi and Al Sadhan will team up again in future projects.

Both actors confirmed the reconciliation on their respective social media accounts.

Al Qasabi thanked Al Sheikh for bringing both parties together and alluded to the considerable will power it took.

"Your efforts are for the good and they are always appreciated," he said.

Al Sadhan echoed the sentiment in a video expressing his happiness at being reunited with Al Qasabi, who he has known for nearly 40 years.

A Saudi television pairing for the ages

Premiering in Ramadan in 1993, Tash ma Tash not only went on to become a television staple of the holy month, but remains one of the most influential and innovative television works emerging from the Gulf.

More of a sketch than a sitcom, each episode has Al Qasabi and Al Sadhan playing different characters as they cast an eye over issues facing Saudi society.

Tash ma Tash ended its run acrimoniously a decade ago when a contractual disagreement between the duo reached the Riyadh Commercial Court in 2012, where it was eventually settled.

Both Al Qasabi and Al Sadhan went on to launch successful solo careers.

Al Qasabi found more regional acclaim by joining the judging panel on Arabs Got Talent and stretched himself with more nuanced roles, such as in the 2019's Ramadan offering Al Assouf.

Al Qasabi is set to return this Ramadan, most likely to fall on Monday, April 12, with the new sitcom Mamnou' Al Tajawol on MBC.

Meanwhile, Al Sadhan continued working in Saudi comedy productions and appeared in sketch comedy series including 2015's Meena Wa Feena and 2018's Bidun Filter.

Al Sheikh praised the strength it took for both stars to start a new chapter.

In a further post, he teased the new work featuring the pair by stating it will be written by acclaimed playwright and poet Khalaf Al Harbi, who was behind 2020's Ramadan TV show Makhraj 7starring Al Qasabi.

"I am very motivated for this creative project and more happy by the return of this human relationship that is of importance to (Saudi Arabia)," he wrote.