Salt-N-Pepa Madinat Arena, Jumeirah, Dubai.

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Salt N Pepa brought some of their infectious old-school charm to Dubai last week, with an energetic performance at Madinat Jumeirah Amphitheater.


While it may have been a tall order to pack such a venue - even Nancy Ajram had trouble filling it up recently - Cheryl "Salt" James-Wray and Sandra "Pepa" Denton effortlessly managed to keep energy up with a slick 50-minute performance that included all the hits.

The evening's retro flavour began long before the duo hit the stage at 11.30pm, with the New York City DJ Cosmo Baker putting on a great set of party jams with classic hip-hop, reggae and disco tracks mixed in with his deft cutting skills.

One hopes local music promoters were in the audience as Baker would surely command packed dance floors on his own UAE tour.

But the night belongs to one of hip-hop's most celebrated crews.

Time has not rusted their on-stage performance with both MCs in fine voice with Salt's smooth dulcet tone neatly contrasted with Pepa's more gruff vocal approach.

Aided by two break dancers, the duo enthusiastically tore into their early material with

My Mic Sounds Nice

and the male bating


showcasing their dynamic vocal interplay.

The buoyant


had the crowd moving and

Take Your Man

was a sassy treat.


elicited mass sing-along as well the touching site of Salt bringing her painfully shy husband on stage with the heartfelt quip "I did alright, didn't I, ladies?"

Off-course, it was their signature tune

Push It

that the duo finished with, complete with synchronised dance steps.

It was a fun performance that left the crowd beaming with delight; no small feat for an early week night.