Salman Khan launches site to deal with impending trial

Plus: Paramount announces plans for Terminator trilogy; UAE Bollywood film announces cast; Mick Jagger says teaching school might have been nice; sequel in the works for Any Body Can Dance; film fest opens at Czech spa town.

Mick Jagger, the lead singer of The Roling Stones. Joe Klamar / AFP
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The actor Salman Khan, in the news after a Mumbai court ruled that he would be tried for homicide for his involvement in a fatal road accident more than a decade ago, has launched the website that aims to provide information on the case, with frequent updates posted by his lawyers. Khan wrote on the site: "Certain court cases are filed against me. There is widespread media reporting of these cases. The reports are sometimes inaccurate and misleading, and cause damage to my reputation, both professional and personal. I have been advised to put up this website to provide easily accessible factual information about the ongoing status of these cases. The website will be updated by my advocates from time to time." – The National staff

Paramount announces plans for Terminator trilogy
The Terminator is coming back. Paramount is rebooting the Terminator franchise and planning for a new trilogy of films, but it’s keeping mum on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would play a role. Schwarzenegger starred as the title character in the original 1984 movie, which spawned a blockbuster trilogy. The new Terminator will come out in July 2015.
UAE Bollywood film announces cast

The UAE's first Bollywood production Dollars has cast its male leads following a host of auditions in
Dubai and Mumbai. Arjun Behl from Mumbai and Naren Kumaar from Dubai will star in the film that follows the journey of two Mumbai-based friends who moved to Dubai for work but find themselves in a trap. The actors are newcomers to the scene and were seen celebrating last week when their casting was announced. The lead actresses will be announced at a launch event on Friday in Dubai. – The National staff

Mick Jagger: teaching school might have been nice

Mick Jagger thinks his original career plan to become a schoolteacher might have provided plenty of satisfaction. The Rolling Stones frontman told BBC Radio on Friday that his music career has not been intellectually challenging and that teaching might have been "gratifying" instead. He also said he had considered becoming a politician or a journalist when he was a teenager. Instead, he has become one of the most successful rock singers in history. Despite his interest in other careers, Jagger says he's "very pleased" with how things have turned out. The band are marking their 50th year together with a series of concerts that will also include their first appearance at the Glastonbury Festival this weekend and a return in July to Hyde Park in London. – AP

Sequel in the works for Any Body Can Dance

The director Remo D'Souza, who took the box office by storm with his 3-D musical Any Body Can Dance earlier this year, is now preparing to make its sequel on a grand scale. While the first part was made on a shoestring budget and filmed entirely in India, the new movie will be shot abroad. "With the sequel, I want to create an even bigger wave and I am heading to Disney Studios in Los Angeles to start the work on that," D'Souza told There are unconfirmed reports that Prabhu Deva has been tapped to play the lead again. – The National staff

Film festival opens at Czech spa town

An international film festival in the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary is bestowing its Crystal Globe awards on the actor John Travolta and the director Oliver Stone for their contributions to world cinema. Fourteen movies are competing for top honours at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, including A Field in England directed by Ben Wheatley and the US-Swedish production Bluebird by the director Lance Edmands. The grand jury is led by the Polish director Agnieszka Holland. The festival features about 200 movies. – AP

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