Racy Desis stand-up show to kick off “Hinglish comedy nights” in Dubai

"The ticket is priced at just Dh30. This is something to think about – it costs much more to see a Salman Khan film!” says Salman Qureshi, the famous Dubai stand-up comedian, who will act as the MC.

Dubai-based comic Salman Qureshi is kicking off a monthly series of funny nights primarily targeted at the UAE’s sizeable desi expat population. Photo by Osman Rohail
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The UAE’s desi expats have a treat in store: Dubai Laughing, spearheaded by Pakistani comedian Salman Qureshi, is about to launch a series of Hinglish Comedy Nights in Dubai.

Kicking off with show number one, Racy Desis, on Wednesday, August 12, at The Courtyard Playhouse, with more shows planned for the rest of the year, the monthly desi comedy nights "were inevitable", says Qureshi, a Dubai-based comic who will be acting as the MC.

“With the fast-growing comedy scene, it was only a matter of time before the comedians based here focused on providing something for the largest expat population in the country – people from the subcontinent.”

Qureshi, a co-founder of Dubai Laughing, has been performing comedy for more than 6 years now, and had been working on this idea for a while.

“The show is primarily targeted at ‘young urban desis’ – or YUDs, as I like to call them. The topics and jokes are relevant to life back home and to the diaspora. It’s the stuff we’ve all been thinking about but sometimes are shy to bring up. We’re going to do it – and with laughter. Plus, the ticket is priced at just Dh30. This is something to think about – it costs more to see a Salman Khan film!”

But will the show will appeal to non-desis?

“It’s fun or everyone to see what our culture is talking about,” says Qureshi. “The only thing they need to understand is that some of the comics, who are all bilingual, have a tendency to switch to Hindi or Urdu, while others stick to English but with a lot of Hindi/Urdu slang. We don’t provide subtitles, unfortunately, but who knows? That might soon change.”

• Racy Desis is at 8pm on Wednesday, August 12, at The Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai. A limited number of Dh30 tickets will be available at the door. For more information, call Ray Addison on 050 796 4344 or visit www.dubailaughing.com