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Beware the friendly dolphin. In the film Mysterious, a siren of the sea (McCord), who sometimes takes the form of a fake-looking somersaulting dolphin, is out for revenge against crimes that take place within the Bermuda triangle. It does not take long to pick up on the fact that she is some kind of sea nymph, unless you are the buff and wealthy film producer Michael Pace (Sabato Jr), who rescues her when she washes up on shore in front of his mansion. The girl claims to have no memory, but appears delighted to have been rescued by such a hunky rich guy, hence proceeding to woo him with saucy looks, a sultry way of eating chocolate cake, inexplicable wardrobe changes, dancing and hysterical laughter. After a magical night, Michael awakens the next day to realise it was all a dream, but learns that his friend Harry Sugar has been murdered, for real. Clearly traumatised, he jumps on the phone and commissions a script about the last 24 hours, to be written and directed by the ladies' man Terry Bamba (Brolin). It proves difficult for Michael to find a leading lady who measures up to the girl in his dream, but then who should walk into the casting studio but her double - or is it actually the siren herself? Mysterious. Filming begins; seduction and murder ensue. You may be thinking this sounds like a terrible movie. It is. My only way of reconciling the 95 minutes spent watching it is the idea that it might have kept a few struggling actors off the poverty line for a couple of months. I can't imagine what reason Brolin, who is married to Barbra Streisand, would have had for accepting a role in this film.