Largo Winch 2

This sequel to the Belgian comic book character's first movie is a shaky and confusing conspiracy movie.

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Largo Winch 2
Director: Jérôme Salle
Starring: Tomer Sisley, Sharon Stone

Belgium's very own comic book hero Largo Winch returns in the sequel to the 2008 big-screen adaptation. This time the charismatic billionaire is accused by UN superior Diane Francken (Stone) of "crimes against humanity" while he lived in Burma. Determined to clear his name, Winch uncovers a conspiracy against him and once again must fight for his survival. The film jumps between scenes in English and French, but in both languages the script is laughable. Attempting to sound cool and enigmatic, the exchanges between characters are corny and contrived. The plot also attempts to be clever but ends up muddled with too many twists and characters. Although the action scenes are most impressive, and reminiscent of Jason Statham's The Transporter series, we are pushed from sequence to sequence without much regard for the story. Sisley is slightly more comfortable in the lead role the second time around, and far superior to Stone, who lacks the impact one imagines the filmmakers were after. In the end, the film is a typically European production that tries valiantly to be marketable outside its own territories, with the Bourne movies definitely an inspiration. Unfortunately, they create a shaky, confusing conspiracy movie with far too much attention put on the action sequences, the quality of which comes at the cost of every other aspect of the film.

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