Home improvements: Create cool coasters

DIY coaster ideas made from Scrabble tiles and soft-drink labels.

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It’s still cool enough to ­enjoy a few more barbecues before we head indoors for the summer. Why not throw some fun serving accessories into the mix? Coasters are a stylish and affordable way to liven up any table, indoors or out, and can be made at home. Grab that set of Scrabble that has, over the years, lost a few too many letters to be usable. Set the tiles out on your counter, either randomly or to spell out words, using 16 tiles (4x4) for each coaster. Once you’re finished, carefully glue each tile together, side by side. Leave to dry overnight.

Soft-drink lovers can create homemade coasters from the labels on plastic bottles. You’ll need four white glazed tiles for this, available at most DIY stores. Cut the labels to fit the tile, but allow for a white border around the edges. Glue the labels to the tile and leave to dry.

Finally, if you’re handy with power tools, take a sheet of slate and measure out 10cm x 10cm squares using chalk and a ruler, to create as many squares a necessary – ideally four or eight. Grab the power saw and cut along the chalk lines.