From 'Tell Them, I Am' to 'The Mo Show': 11 podcasts full of inspiring Muslim voices

From culture to commerce, there is a bevy of podcasts online that tackle everyday topics from an Islamic perspective

Pakistani-American Misha Euceph is the host of 'Higher Ground: Tell Them, I Am'. Courtesy Spotify
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In February, Barack and Michelle Obama announced they were putting their names behind a podcast to amplify Muslim voices via their company Higher Ground Productions.

Tell Them, I Am began streaming last Monday on Spotify, just in time for Ramadan. Hosted by Pakistani-American Misha Euceph, the first episode featured Muhammad "Mvstermind" Austin, a rising rapper and producer from Missouri, who will be among 22 guests this season.

Other guests slated to appear include Turkish NBA player Enes Kanter, former model Halima Aden, Malala Yousafzai and Indian tabla player Zakir Hussain.

While the first season of Tell Them, I Am was released in 2019, the second season is poised to give the show a louder voice, thanks to the Obamas' backing.

"The stories are universal and the guests are all Muslim," Euceph said. "The ultimate goal is for people to feel something for them and to fall in love with the people that they are listening to without ever thinking about who they are and what they look like.”

Here are 10 other podcasts with inspiring Muslim voices to listen to:

1. 'I Am Not Your Bilal'

British comedian Nabil Abdulrashid, one of the finalists of Britain's Got Talent, co-hosts this show along with Salim Kassam, editor-in-chief of The Muslim Vibe website.

The monthly podcast explores the black Muslim experience with a range of guests, as topics range from Black Lives Matter to Meghan Markle, and interracial marriages to sexual harassment.

The name of the podcast is a reference to Bilal ibn Rabah, a former slave who became one of the Prophet Mohammed's most loyal companions.

2. 'Mommying While Muslim'

Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri are two mothers born and raised in the US.

They share their experiences, sometimes with other mothers, on how they navigate life as Muslim mums and raise their children in their faith.

Topics include Muslim matchmaking, coping with pregnancy loss and domestic violence, among others. New episodes are uploaded weekly.

3. '786 Boulevard'

For pop culture fans, this is your window into the art, film and fashion landscapes, but from a Muslim perspective.

Hosted by filmmaker Nouri Sardar, along with Hasnain Ali and Ali Alvi, guests on the show have included writer Sahar Jahani (13 Reasons Why and Ramy), British-Egyptian artist Hanan Abdel-Khalek and acclaimed artist and designer Aadil Abedi.

4. 'The Young and Muslim Podcast'

Friends Jibreel Salaam and Mohamed Hassan give you a peek into the lives of young Muslim Americans, sharing their personal experiences as well as the life stories of their guests.

Former guests include Ramy Youssef, star of the acclaimed HBO show Ramy, and rapper Tone Trump.

5. 'The Amaliah Podcast'

Sisters Nafisa and Selina Bakkar, who live in London, created Amaliah as an Instagram page to curate modest fashion looks.

They've since grown and rebranded as a media platform and online store, amplifying the voices of Muslim women through articles, videos and events.

Their award-winning podcast touches on issues affecting women everywhere, from postpartum weight gain to skincare, all told and shared through the Muslim point of view.

6. ‘Mindful Muslimah Speaks’

It may be a podcast dedicated to Muslim women, but the long-running Mindful Muslimah Speaks has universal appeal with its discussions on how to live a more centred and spiritual life.

With more than 150 episodes recorded, first-time listeners will have much to enjoy and consider.

The episodes, which are between 10 to 30 minutes long, are well produced and tackle various topics, including health, education and parenting from an Islamic and modern perspective.

7. 'One Foot in the Sink'

While this lighthearted interview series called it a day in 2019, it leaves behind 50 episodes of insightful conversations with Muslim creatives.

From the UK's "tech-humanitarian" and co-founder of Iraqi Innovators, Zahra Shahm to award-winning Australian brand designer Peter Gould, One Foot In The Sink looks at how its guests achieved their relative success and how faith proved an inspiration during challenging times.

8. ‘The Mo Show’

Dubbed “Saudi Arabia’s first English podcast", this engaging series by Mohammad Islam, who started the show during the pandemic, captures the colourful and modern face of the kingdom.

With an eclectic guest list, including a Saudi nutritionist, golfer and dance instructor, The Mo Show touches upon timely topics of faith, life and grabbing opportunity in a rapidly expanding society.

9. 'TMV Podcast'

An offshoot of the popular Muslim youth culture website The Muslim Vibe, TMV Podcast has more than 120 episodes during which its hosts discuss societal issues facing Muslim youth today. They also profile inspiring Muslim figures past and present.

Recent episodes have explored a wide array of topics from body shaming and how to strengthen your faith to investing money "in a halal way".

10. ‘Sacred Footsteps’

This is an evocative podcast that looks at how travel can be both a mind-expanding and spiritually enhancing practice.

From the valleys of Liberia to the Caucasus Mountains, Muslim adventurers, writers, poets and historians provide their insights into visiting these lands and the spiritual insights gleaned along the way.


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