Dubai bags the world record for longest DJ relay

A total of 151 DJs descended on the venue to make a new record for the longest DJ relay, in which each DJ takes over from the next without dropping the beat.

DJ Virus from Delhi on the deck. Victor Besa for The National
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Dubai Mall’s Ice Rink was the scene of the smashing of another Guinness World Record in the UAE.

A total of 151 DJs descended on the venue to make a new record for the longest DJ relay, in which each DJ takes over from the next without dropping the beat.

The previous honour was held by Singapore which had 133 spinners performing last year. Friday’s achievement will no doubt garner a response from the country who is presently in a battle with Dubai. Singapore reclaimed their last title after breaking Dubai’s pre-existing record of 120 DJs in 2013.

The six-hour event began at 3pm with the world record reached in the final minutes before 9pm.

Organised by the musical talent platform, World Top DJs and Dubai Ice Rink, over 150 DJs of various skill sets, ages and nationalities performed back to back.

Hundreds of skaters grooved along on the ice while mall visitors observed from the sidelines and enjoyed the eclectic music ranging from EDM and trance to house and R&B.

“The Dubai Mall is the perfect setting for an event like this,” says Nadeem Choudhary, managing director and founding partner of World Top DJs.

“It’s such a public venue, and the event can be witnessed by a lot of people – which is a top priority for us as organisers, as well as for all of the DJs who take out the time to be a part of such a huge event.”

Since the record attempt was announced in January, Choudhary said they were inundated with applications.

“We had over 400 people express their interest,” reveals Choudhary. “And not just from Dubai, but from all over the world. We actually have DJs who have flown in to the city for a single day just to be able to be a part of this record attempt. Right now, we have DJs from over 30 different countries waiting to play here.”

DJ Virus from New Delhi used the event to make his maiden Dubai visit. “I was not able to make it when Dubai hosted the previous relay record event in 2013. There was no way I was going to miss it again,” he says. “I’m here, I played, and I am so glad I did it. It’s been an amazing experience, being part of such a huge event. It’s my first time in Dubai and I haven’t spent much time outside yet, but I can tell even from the response that I have seen from the crowd at today’s event, that the people of this city are full of passion and excitement, specially for things which bring a good name to their city.”

The event started at 3pm, with some of Dubai’s top DJs, including DJ Sabrina Terence, DJ Mo Tiger, DJ Hani and DJ Scorpio, taking to the decks first.

The Dubai-based Terence, who is originally from Germany, is an established performer internationally and said the event was a career highlight.

“It’s so great that this record attempt is being hosted here. The people of Dubai love music and you can see it by the turnout over here,” she says while pointing to the crowds around the rink. “People have stopped shopping, and are enjoying the music. What’s great about events like these is that they raise the profile of DJing as a profession as well”

Next year, World Top DJs will take the event to London and attempt to break Dubai’s record – if they are successful, no doubt, the emirate will immediately make a challenge.