Conan O'Brien is not keen on the Spider-Man musical

The pick of the week's celebrity tweets.

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"The Spider-Man musical is ineligible for next year's Tonys, which is a shame - it was a shoo-in for 'Best Shrieking Plummet From A Ceiling'." We think it'd probably clear up in the "Biggest Waste of Money" and "Most Cursed" categories as well, Conan O'Brien. What do you mean those don't exist? March 18.

"Apparently I'm having a breakdown. as opposed to a laugh....and all Live! on twitter is so dramatic, don't you think? :)" We certainly do, George Michael. Why else do you think we pay any attention? March 21.

"Happy 5th Birthday to Twitter! Thanks to you, I can do more with 140 characters than Shakespeare!" We doubt that, Joan Rivers. March 22.

"When it rains in LA it's the tears of the angels because somewhere, Matt Damon is sad." We wouldn't want that, Rainn Wilson. Somebody give Mr Damon a hug; stat. March 21.

"so I thought I had been tweeting all day but my phone wasn't working. sweet. now I don't remember anything I said" We'll try to come to terms with that and move on with our lives, Justin Bieber. March 22.