Album review: Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

My Love is Cool is a an affecting medley of sounds both discordant and unified.

My love is cool album cover by Wolf Alice. 2015
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My Love Is Cool

Wolf Alice


Three stars

After gaining a legion of fans and press love for their evocative live shows and acclaimed EPs, London four-piece Wolf Alice release their debut My Love Is Cool.

An apt title, in that it often juxtaposes hard riffs with singer Ellie Rosewell's almost coy vocals. It is an album that needs a few listens before you are opened up to its vulnerability, sense of uncertainty and cautious hope. Bros is a quiet rebellion that swells into a gently soaring chorus.

Things get heated in You're a Germ, a gnarly slab of alt rock with its quiet/loud formula. The middle section is home to the album's strongest tracks: the sunny Freazy is sweetened by its almost R&B vocal arrangements, while the gigantic riffs of Giant Peach is the kind of song a mass of humanity would just eat up at a music festival. My Love Is Cool is an affecting medley of sounds both discordant and unified. Give it time to grow on you in order to receive its gifts.