A collection of this week's best tweets

Lily Allen, Goldie Hawn, Donald Trump Jr, Tyra Banks, Conan O'Brien and Katie Couric exercise their 140 characters.

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  • "I'm sorry but where in yesterdays "wedding rant tweet" did I imply that I was unhappy with my wedding planners? I'm not by the way." Pop star turned fashion designer Lily Allen sets the record straight ahead of her June nuptials. May 20.
  • "In London sunny Sunday! Listening to church bells. Feel Peaceful. Enjoy this day where ever u are xx". Goldie by name, goldie by nature. Ms Hawn spreads the usual good vibrations on a recent trip to the UK. May 22.
  • "Can some1 explain why people want retweets of tweets asking for retweets?? What does it accomplish other than clutter up others accounts?" Quite right, Donald Trump Jr. Twitter followers: you're all fired. May 25.
  • "Dream so damn big that people laugh in your face. Then prove them all wrong! My hero Richard Branson does just that. I hope to follow…U?" But has Branson yet perfected an H2T (head to toe) pose in the mirror? We all have something to teach, Tyra Banks. May 28.
  • "Hey @Oprah - Get a job!" Conan O'Brien clearly thinks the time has come for Oprah Winfrey to move on. May 29.
  • "At the apple store. My daughter spilt some diet dr p on her laptop. Arrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!" Count yourself lucky Katie Couric. Can you imagine if it had been full-fat Dr Pepper? The horror. May 25.

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