Abhishek Bachchan in Dubai in 2008. Stephen Lock / The National
Abhishek Bachchan in Dubai in 2008. Stephen Lock / The National

2012 outlook for Bollywood

Remakes of Bollywood classics will constitute the bulk of cinematic fare in 2012.
The Hollywood standby The Italian Job will be remade with an Indian twist. The Hindi-language Players tells the story of a heist starring Abhishek Bachchan and, well, Mini Coopers. Organisers have challenged fans to break open a safe to be placed in a Dubai mall in the build-up to the film, the new year's first premiere, on Wednesday.
In the revenge saga Agnipath, Hrithik Roshan takes on the legendary Amitabh Bachchan's role of a young man who vows to avenge his father's death.
But the most anticipated movie release is probably the sequel Krrish 2, starring Roshan again - this time as a crime-busting superhero.
Later this year, the auspicious opening shot of the crime film Shootout at Wadala will be filmed in Dubai. John Abraham will transform into a gangster for the film, clashing with Anil Kapoor who plays a top cop.

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