10 of the funniest Twitter business accounts to follow: from Netflix to Old Spice

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pop-Tarts and more – the big name brands taking the stuffiness out of corporate communications

US fast food chain, Wendy's, and toilet paper company, Charmin are two global brands using humour to communicate with their customers on Twitter. Supplied
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Corporations and big businesses are not traditionally known for their sense of humour. Before social media, interacting with customers was a one-way street, with press releases and communiques all about toeing the company line in a staid and sensible way.

But when social media became their customer base's preferred way of communicating, many companies had to step into the brave new world of (whisper it!) humour, to keep their clients' attention and loyalty.

Here are 10 Twitter company accounts that are sure to make you laugh the next time you're scrolling through ...

1. Wendy’s, @Wendys

Whoever runs the US fast food chain Wendy’s Twitter account needs a raise and an extra side of fries. Wendy’s account stays on top of the zeitgeist, parodying celebrity events and politics, jumping on the latest trends and memes, and also takes regular pot shots at both its fast food competition and adoring fan base.

2. Pop-Tarts, @poptartsus

The sugary snack that usually ends up being the butt of most breakfast jokes, wants you all to know it’s in on the gag. It was most recently spied getting into it with dating app Tinder’s Twitter account, and accusing Jerry Seinfeld of being obsessed with them.

3. SparkNotes, @SparkNotes

The company that simplifies literary classics for students studying the works has emerged as a master of the Twitter game. It turns famous books, novelists and plot points into modern-day memes in ways that we're sure Jane Austen and William Shakespeare would approve.

4. Netflix, @Netflix

For a global company as young as Netflix, we'd be disappointed if it hadn't grasped this one simple premise of interacting with clients on Twitter: Be funny! Luckily for us, Netflix has nailed it as much as it's perfected binge watching.

5. Old Spice, @OldSpice

Yes, Old Spice, the aftershave beloved of grandads the world over, is a Twitter account you should definitely follow. Just going on its bio: "Muscles. Smells. Lazers. Gifs," you can tell that the company is in on the joke.

6. McDonald’s, @McDonalds

There’s no denying that Wendy’s Twitter account forced Maccy D’s to step up its social media game. Claiming in its bio that, “Grimace is a close personal friend of mine”, a recent Halloween tweet was a cry for help: “Plz stop tagging us in your 'Sexy Hamburglar' Halloween costume pics.”

7. Charmin, @Charmin

The US toilet paper brand has really leaned into the global pandemic-inspired run on lavatory paper, as well as providing plenty of good ol’ clean toilet-based humour. “We’re here for the runs,” they declared during the recent baseball World Series. Tee hee!

8. Moosejaw, @MoosejawMadness

The Canadian outdoor clothing brand has racked up more than 30,000 followers with plenty of outdoorsy humour. Declaring itself, "The most fun outdoor retailer on the planet", the hiking tips are not only helpful, but super funny. "You can hit your hiking partner with a trekking pole as hard as you want whenever you want as long as you follow it up with, 'Oh man, I think that was a scorpion. Are there scorpions out here?'"

9. JetBlue Airways, @jetblue

You may have to scroll a little, but the short haul US airline will deliver. In between tweets about destinations and onboard safety, you’ll find little nuggets such as this masterclass in Kim Kardashian trolling.

10. Denny’s, @DennysDiner

The American diner became hilariously obsessed with horror author Stephen King during Halloween, and continues to churn out funny content. Staying on the ball with memes and Gen Z trends, enjoy bon mots such as: "They say the customer is always right, and that's why Denny's trivia night was an absolute disaster."


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