10 alternative ways to style your scarf

The scarf is this season’s most versatile accessory. Here are some different ways a simple silk scarf can add some personality to your outfit.

Handbag handles

There’s only one way to wear the same scarf every day, and that’s if it’s wrapped around the handle of your handbag. It’s all the rage at fashion weeks — wrap the cloth neatly around the top handles of your tote, or tie it casually to your crossbody.

Cue: Music video director Vashtie Kola at spring/summer 2017 men's fashion week in New York.

Handbag handles

Don’t shy away from mixing different prints and textures — the more unique the combination is, the more richness it exudes.

Cue: Blogger Doina Ciobanu at autumn/winter 2016 haute couture fashion week in Paris.


The choker trend recently resurfaced and is probably here to stay for another season. If you’ve been blessed with a long, graceful neck, try tying your printed scarf like a choker, offsetting it with a classic white button-down shirt or off-the-shoulder top.

Cue: Actress Tina Leung at autumn/winter 2016 fashion week in Paris.


A lightweight, paisley-printed bandanna is the ultimate neckpiece. Wear it tight at the neck, or loose, around the collar of a blouse.

Cue: Model Romee Strijd on the streets of New York in August, 2016.


Thick choker bands look best when the rest of the neck is bare — only attempt this trend with off-shoulder or strapless tops.

Cue: Blogger Thassia Naves at autumn/winter 2016 haute couture fashion week in Paris.


Take a break from ordinary bracelets, and wrap your scarf around your wrist — or your ankle. While this style looks best with colourful paisley-printed bandannas, you can achieve the same effect with a patterned silk design.

Cue: Blogger Leandra Medine at spring/summer 2015 fashion week in London.


Channel your inner bohemian by tying your scarf like a headband. Fold it so it’s long and skinny, and start at the base of your head, wrapping it around your hair until its tails are about six inches long each, and then tie them in a knot or cutesy bow.

Cue: May Berthelot of Videdressing on the streets of Paris in July, 2016.


Channel your inner boss lady by pairing a printed scarf with a power suit and oversized sunglasses. You’ll radiate vibes of confidence and attitude.

Cue: Stylist Catherine Baba on the streets of Paris in June, 2015.

Ponytail or bun

Uplift a messy pony by tying a printed scarf around it. Keep it low, at the nape of your neck, for a look that’s polished and classic, or twist your tresses into a top knot for a more playful style, tying the tails of the scarf at the front of the bun.

Cue: Model Natalie Cantell at 2017 resort fashion week in Sydney.


Swap your traditional leather belt for a printed scarf. Thread it through the belt loops of your jeans, or wrap it around a crisp shirtdress, and tie a loopy bow on the side of one hip.

Cue: Blogger Melanie Darmon at spring/summer 2016 fashion week in Paris.

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