Katrina Kaif and Hritik Roshan are in Abu Dhabi on a three-week filming schedule. AFP PHOTO / STR
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The cast and crew of Bang Bang arrived in Abu Dhabi on Friday – ready to go celeb spotting?

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif are here for three weeks to shoot their new action drama, and they’ll be busy filming at various places all over the capital – from the Corniche to the “bridge to nowhere” (Hodariyat Bridge) off Bateen.

A section of the Corniche was closed off on Saturday to film a "high-speed" chase that everyone thought had to do with Fast&Furious 7. Turns out, it was the Bang Bang guys. They'll be back on the Corniche again, as well as at the "leaning tower" – Hyatt Capital Gate hotel on 30th Street – and in the vicinity of Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

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