PlayStation 5: Sony unveils design and games for new console

Grand Theft Auto V and a new Spiderman game will be able to be played on the console

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 on Thursday. Courtesy: Sony
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Sony on Friday unveiled several titles for its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, including a sequel to its hit Marvel's Spider-Man title and the latest Gran Turismo racer, as it builds anticipation ahead of the planned year-end launch.

As rival Microsoft prepares the launch of its next generation Xbox Series X console for this year's holiday season, the presentation gave a first glimpse of how games will look when played on Sony's device.

After nearly an hour of PS5 game announcements, Sony revealed the hardware design of the highly-anticipated console.

The PS5 has a black core surrounded by a white edging and was pictured standing vertically. However, like the Xbox Series X, it can also be placed horizontally. There will be two versions of the PS5: one with a 4K Blu-ray drive and a pure Digital Edition, which is substantially thinner.

Sony did not mention the prices but the Digital Edition will likely be cheaper because of it not having the drive.

The PS5 promises advanced graphics and shorter load times through the use of its solid-state hard drive, which along with the device's games pipeline are key selling points as contenders like Google push into gaming.

"You've seen games that can only be enjoyed with the full range of PlayStation 5's features and power," Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said during the presentation, which attracted more than three million viewers to its English feed alone.

Upcoming games for the PS5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales from in-house studio Insomniac Games, a sequel to the best-selling title on the aging PlayStation 4, and third-party titles like Project Athia from Final Fantasy developer Square Enix Holdings .

The latest installment in the old favourite Grand Theft Auto series will be coming to the console too. Grand Theft Auto V will be released for the next-gen console in the second half of 2021.

The PS5 will also support most of the 4,000 PS4 games that exist today.