My top 5: Nervecell’s Barney Ribeiro best albums of 2016

Nervecell’s Barney Ribeiro shares with us his five favourite albums from 2016. Courtesy Nervecell
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Barney Ribeiro, founder and guitarist for UAE’s very own metal titans Nervecell, tells us his favourite releases of 2016.

Last year was a tedious one for me working on the new Nervecell record. I tend to cut-off from listening to anything recent when I get into writing mode. However, like any metalhead, if you’ve been into this genre for years you just know there is just no escaping from the metal community. It’s definitely hard to ignore a good new release when all your peers can’t stop talking about it on a daily basis.

Hardwired...To Self-Destruct by Metallica

Metallica basically came out and took over the internet for an entire week when they released their first single and video for Hardwired in mid August. Easily the most shocking album of the year for me by the kings themselves.

Retrogore by Aborted

These guys hail from Belgium and quite honestly (apart from being friends) I have mad respect for them as they are relentless in keeping extreme metal alive and consistent in Europe. Their latest Retrogore is probably the best the band has ever sounded. Get your brutal fix and buy this one.

Sorceress by Opeth

There isn’t much to say about this band that hasn’t been said already. Abandoning all traces of extreme metal and diverging more into prog-rock with their latest release, these guys are probably the best thing to come out of Sweden since Ikea.

Brotherhood of The Snake by Testament

Here is a band who have forever remained consistent in the thrash metal genre and have never put out a bad record to date. Easily the most under rated band in metal for me.

The Madness of Many by Animals As Leaders

Peaceful, heavy, mystical, groovy and artistic in every aspect. Who needs lyrics and vocals when you got phenomenal musicians who can put you in a trance and allows you travel into portals of sounds. These guys never fail to impress. This is what the future sounds like.