What's on Cristiano Ronaldo's playlist? Real Madrid official DJ opens up about the team's favourite tunes

DJ Annita Yes also officially spins for the Spanish national football side and is a Pamela Anderson double

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. 01 JANUARY 2020. Interview with DJ Anita, the official DJ for Real Madrid. (Photo: Antonie Robertson/The National) Journalist: Saeed Saeed. Section: Weekend.
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In such a saturated clubbing market, UAE promoters often need to think outside the box to draw the crowd in.

This is what Dubai’s iLounge did recently by hosting one of the quirkiest Latin music party nights of recent times, headlined by DJ Annita Yes, who is also known as Real Madrid and the Spanish football team's official DJ. For a side hustle, Yes (real name Ana Lopez) is also an official Pamela Anderson double and has performed on tour with Motley Crue, featuring drummer and Anderson's ex Tommy Lee.

She talks to The National about her colourful career and what music act does football super star Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys most.

You are the official DJ for Spanish national football team and Real Madrid. Is that as fun as it sounds?

Oh, I am blessed. They are both super fun jobs but different as well. When it comes to Real Madrid, I am the one that is playing music when there is an important official Champions League function that involves the players, bosses and special guests.

What about the national side?

With the Spanish team, I normally play in the official fan zones when they travel. I have been performing with the side since the 2014 Brazil World Cup and that’s a lot of fun because the fans are super passionate and they just want to dance and have fun.

With both jobs, do you have to know the favourite songs of all the key Spanish players?

I don’t know that exactly. I don’t have a list of what song each player likes, so I can only tell you by what I see when I am working. When it comes to (Real Madrid and national team captain) Sergio Ramos for example, he likes Spanish pop music – the more traditional the better. He is from Sevilla, so it’s mostly the flamenco side.

What about former Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo? What does he like dancing to?

Cristiano loves all kind of music, but he particularly enjoys reggaeton music and one artist that I know he loves listening to is Kevin Roldan from Colombia. He loves his style.

In addition to the DJ work, you also built a career as an official Pamela Anderson double. How did this happen?

It was about five years ago and by accident. I was in Spain working for a modelling agency and they called me up for this reality show called La Sexta. Now while, I didn't get that specific role, the producers of the show placed me in another program where I would play Pamela Anderson. It was a bit of funny show where I recreated news that involved Pamela Anderson.

Did you expect that quirky gig to lead you any further in that career?

No I didn’t. Suddenly people were giving me all these opportunities and I entered competitions for Hollywood doubles and I won them in both Paris and Las Vegas around 2016. The American version was much bigger of course. When I won that, I became an official double for Anderson. This [has given] me more opportunities.

Speaking of which, that also landed you with the gig of touring with Motley Crue and hanging out with Pamela’s ex-husband, Tommy Lee. How was that?

So much fun. I first met Tommy in Vegas in one of these competitions and he found it all a bit weird at first. Then I got the chance to tour with Motley Crue. Tommy is such a sweet guy and very different that what you expect. The tours were easy and there were lots of laughter.