What is #Loona_Butterfly? Meet the K-pop group that's inspired the trending hashtag on Twitter

Korean girl group Loona are seriously gaining traction in the world of K-pop

K-pop girl group Loona had a top trending topic on Twitter after they released their music video for 'Butterfly'. 
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Another day, another K-pop group that’s trending worldwide on Twitter. This time, the hashtag #Loona_Butterfly has taken over social media thanks to the Korean girl group Loona.

They've just released a new music video for their single Butterfly, causing their fans to the take to the social media platform to express their joy and excitement.

Who are they?

Loona are a girl group formed by South Korean record label Blockberry Creative in 2016. In unique fashion, the 12 members were revealed one by one, accompanied by a new single or collaboration each time the identity of another member was revealed.

This happened over the course of 18 months before their debut as a collective in August 2018 was released. It was the single Favorite from their EP [+ +].

Though the group is quite large, the members are also split between three subgroups: Loona 1/3, Loona Odd Eye Circle, Loona yyxy.

Fans react

The new music video has been widely praised by their fans for its diversity and representation since it shows women from varying life paths. This includes featuring a model with albinism and representing Muslim women in the K-pop industry.

Twitter users explained in a few hundred characters how the music video meant so much to them:

The music video has only been out for a two hours and already has close to 200,000 views (at the time of writing).


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