'We shall overcome it': Hussain Al Jassmi releases powerful ode to the region's coronavirus efforts

The Emirati singer calls for fans to not lose hope in 'Benaady'

Hussain Al Jassmi has released a new song dedicated to the coronavirus response.
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Hussain Al Jassmi has released a stirring new single that addresses the coronavirus pandemic, encouraging fans to stay optimistic – and stay at home.

The Emirati singer shared the powerful ode Benaady on his social media and YouTube pages on Friday, April 3.

With lyrics by Emirati poet Anwar Al Mashiri and music by Kuwaiti composer Fahad Al Nasser, the song has already had nearly 100,000 views on YouTube alone.

The optimistic tracks vows that this crisis "will pass" because "we are stronger".

"We have been through worse and with God's grace this will pass, and we will overcome it," Al Jassmi sings.

"Together hand in hand with determination and purpose we will overcome. It won’t be long for us to overcome this crisis."

The singer adds: "Everyone is responsible for the fate of all.

"We are always together in joy and grief; we shall prevail."

The corresponding video features scenes of key workers in the GCC fighting the virus on the front lines, including healthcare workers and emergency services.

The video also features sweeping views of the region's landmarks, including Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road and the Kuwait Towers.

The final shots show people applauding the response efforts, including Dubai Police, doctors and patients in hospital.

The UAE on Friday announced 240 new cases of Covid-19, taking the total to 1,264, with nine deaths confirmed

There are an extra 12 people who have recovered, taking that count to 108.

Boushret Kheir star Al Jassmi has been regularly sharing health advisories and government messages with his 3.4 million Instagram followers.

From the UAE's medical support phone numbers to ways to protect yourself against Covid-19, the Emirati singer has become a key figure encouraging preventative measures and self-quarantining in the UAE.

Al Jassmi also released a short song last week, entitled United and Defiant, in association with the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention. The track was designed to promote responsible hygiene and social distancing measures.