South African sisters recall their moment of glory with Katy Perry

A Katy Perry gig becomes a once in a lifetime experience for a pair of Dubai sisters.

Danielle le Riche and Megan Landry's costumes caught the attention of Katy Perry. Courtesy Danielle le Riche
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The concert at Meydan Racecourse may have been one of hundreds this year for the American pop-star Katy Perry, but for a pair of Dubai sisters, it was the gig of a lifetime.

And they made sure of it, too.

Both Megan Landry and Danielle le Riche arrived at the concert venue on December 8 in outfits sure to catch attention.

"Everybody was looking at us because we looked like twins," recalls Landry, a 26-year-old training officer for Emirates Airline. "We wore matching black dresses and blue wigs and had stars painted on our faces."

In short, the sisters did a fine job of impersonating Perry.

The singer was also impressed, almost stopping in her tracks when she walked out on stage to thousands of screaming fans to find the dolled-up sisters up front, gleefully waving their hands.

"She just looked at us and pointed and said hello," Landry says.

The night got better when Perry asked the two girls to get up on stage for a boogie during her cover of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

Landry recalls the nerves nearly getting the better of her sister.

"Danielle was saying she was feeling sick," she says. "But I was just loving it. Everybody was screaming and shouting. You get up there and you look out and you realise how amazing it must be to perform in front of all these people."

Landry says the crowd was so loud it scuppered any chances the sisters had of making small talk with Perry on stage.

At the end of the song, the duo were escorted offstage to cheers from the audience.

The trip is surely destined to be the highlight of le Riche's Dubai holiday. She flew in from South Africa to celebrate the new year with Landry.

"It was a great night," Landry says. "Quite crazy."